Airport Car Service CT

Airport Car Service CT

Have you ever flown somewhere and then had to wait for your ride? Airport car services in  CT is an excellent way to have a car already waiting for you. Many people have started using Airport car rentals mainly because of their convenience. Some things that you want to look at when using an airport car service in CT.


You will need to decide on whether or not you want to buy insurance on your car rental before you get to the counter. Some people prefer to get car insurance on their rentals just in case. Others are fine with not having the extra protection. Whether you decide to get the insurance policy that the car rental service offers or to go with your own, needs to be determined before you get to the counter. Some personal insurance companies will cover any vehicle that you drive. So check on this before you decide on the car rental insurance.


Here at core car, we let our reputation speak for itself. We are a Fortune 500 company that works very hard to ensure high-level quality service. We make the reservation process as comfortable as possible. We do this by offering online interactive reservations. These reservations can be made in under 50 seconds. You can easily edit your tickets as well. We offer to monitor for your actual ride with an ETA of the drop off of your rental car. You can also receive all of your invoices online. All vehicles in our Fleet are equipped with Sprint Direct connect communication, iPads, and cell phones. Water and other beverages, umbrellas, and first aid safety kits, are also available. Upon request, we also have USB charging stations and Wi-Fi.


Vehicle Styles


There are six vehicle styles in our fleet that you can choose from.



The first is our luxury SUVs. This vehicle can seat between six and eight people. It has plenty of space to store briefcases and luggage and is perfect for business groups that are on the go.



Next, you have our sedans which can seat five people. Passengers will enjoy climate control and plenty of space.



We also offer Ford vans which can seat up to 14 people. You will be able to stand or walk around with ease in this room design. You can also lean back in the recliners that are included.


Mercedes Sprinters

Our Mercedes sprinters can hold 15 people. These come with a bar stocked with refreshments and an intercom system. You may speak with the driver whenever you need.



We also offer Minibuses which can hold up to 23 people. Our minibusses come with plenty of room for everyone and their luggage.



Last we have our luxury motor coaches. Our motor coaches can hold up to 54 people so that you can bring the entire office. Have motor coaches that come with your comfort in mind. Onboard you will find restrooms, headrests, and recliners.


Here at core car, we want to make your trip as comfortable as possible. So come to visit us online at And let us help you complete your next business trip.

Airport Car Service CT
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Airport Car Service CT Airport Car Service CT Airport Car Service CT
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