10 Nourishing Snacks You Can Take with You on a Flight

Nosh on something more substantial than airline peanuts this trip.


If there is one thing that traveling frequently for business has taught you, it is how to eat. Without the right fuel for your body, you feel tired and rundown. You’re unable to focus clearly and cannot do everything you have scheduled on your to-do list. Taking a few extra minutes at the airport to shop for healthy snacks to take with you on your flight helps you stave off hunger between meals and also prepare yourself for work obligations as they present themselves on your trip.

The following 10 nourishing snacks are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which help you stay strong and healthy as a corporate traveler. 

  1. A traditional PB&J on whole wheat bread. It’s an adult comfort food, too!
  2. A veggie tray with hummus dip. Get vitamins, minerals, and protein into your body on the flight.
  3. A peeled, hardboiled egg. It’s easy to eat without the mess of peeling its shell.
  4. Apple slices with nut butter. This snack is sweet, salty, and satisfying.
  5. Bean salad. Another high-protein option that fills you up fast.
  6. Trail Mix. If you love fruit and nuts, you’ll never go wrong with this winning combination.
  7. Yogurt. Dress it up with some nuts, granola or sliced banana.
  8. Oatmeal. Just ask for a cup of hot water from the steward or stewardess. 
  9. Whole pieces of fruit. Apples and oranges travel very well.
  10. Protein bar. Small, portable, and packed with one of the most vital macronutrients, they come in a variety of sweet and savory flavors to keep you satiated. 

Feel free to modify the list to meet your unique dietary needs. It’s simply a starting point in the event that you’ve run out of ideas of things to eat while away from home.

Prepare for a long flight by having something substantial to consume on your flight. It’s better than hoping that the complimentary peanuts or pretzels will see you through until you can get a decent meal. Thanks to the suggestions listed above, you’ll be able to jump into the corporate car you booked with Core Car without issue and go to your intended destination without starving. You can then decide where you want the driver to take you to eat once you’ve settled into the hotel after checking in.