10 Things to Do During a Long Flight Layover

Your downtime can be anything but boring if you plan it right.

A long layover can be a blessing or a curse. It’s all a matter of perspective. Before you start getting antsy because your flight was delayed or you missed your connection, why not take the time to ground yourself, find your center, and do something enjoyable that you haven’t had the chance to do yet? You’ll find that the rest of your trip runs smoothly because of the shift in perspective you make.

Here are ten things you can do during a long flight layover:

  1. Catch up on the latest news. When was the last time you read a print newspaper? Pick one up at a gift shop and enjoy reading about the area of the globe you’re currently at.
  2. Visit the airport spa for a massage or pedicure. Give yourself the gift of self-care. Doing something nice for yourself makes up for the long wait between flights.
  3. Take a few minutes to fill out the postcards you bought and send them to family and friends. Know that the people you care about will have something to look forward to receiving in the next few days. Pick up postcards everywhere you go with the intention of writing on them right away.
  4. Eat a really nourishing and delicious meal without rushing. Ask airport staff for recommendations. Then go to the restaurant and eat without pressure.
  5. Video chat with your kids. It will make the time pass quickly. Plus, you’ll always know what’s going on at home.
  6. Read a book or listen to the audiobook that you were looking forward to enjoying. Get lost in an imaginative world for hours. Or, brush up on a skill or subject that you’ve been wanting to learn about.
  7. Sneak in a few extra zzzs. Get in a cat nap. There’s no shame for sleeping in your seat because many people do.
  8. Refill your water bottle and lunch bag. Prepare for the next leg of your journey. Have proper hydration and nutrition on hand to see you through the rest of your trip.
  9. Shop for souvenirs. Pick up a few unique items to bring home with you. It’s fun to buy gifts for others so let that fill up your spare time while you wait on your flight.
  10. Download organizational apps to your phone. Spend a few minutes getting acquainted with how they work. That way, you’re able to add efficiency to a tool that you use daily.

The time you spend waiting for the next flight can be as relaxing or productive as you want it to be. With the right frame of mind, a long layover serves as much-needed ‘me time’ where you can use it to get a bite to eat, visit with other travelers, read a book for entertainment or get your business affairs in order before arriving at the hotel to sleep. Reserving a corporate car from Core Car ensures that when your plane does touch the ground, you won’t need to make last minute travel arrangements to travel to the accommodations you’re staying at.