4 Benefits of Using an Executive Car Service

Back in the early days of rideshare, companies like Uber and Lyft revolutionized transportation in both urban and rural areas. But years later, the problems that slowed adoption — such as troublesome pickups, drop-offs and negative experiences in the car due to the fly-by-night nature of most rideshare drivers — still exist. In fact, many issues are getting worse as driver turnover and poor drivers participate in the program. If only another type of private car service existed. 

The good news is that there are still professional drivers out there that take pride in their work. It’s called executive car service, and it’s available to anyone that wants something more than the lackadaisical approach to rideshare offered by the market leaders. In fact, executive car services never really went anywhere. It just took a while for corporate executives and other businesspersons to ditch rideshare for the elegance and professionalism of a luxury car service.

Indeed, if you’re looking for something better than what you’ll get with traditional rideshare apps, it’s time to upgrade to an executive car service. Here are some more reasons why executive car services are far better than casual rideshare apps.

Added Convenience

Rather than pulling up an app and hoping that there’s a car nearby waiting to whisk you away or, worse yet, trying to hail a taxi or jump on public transportation, an executive car service gives you the best of both worlds. An easy-to-use app and the ability to schedule pickups far in advance offer greater convenience than other transportation methods. Your driver will show up on the day and at the time you booked, ready to take you wherever you need to go– whether it’s car service to the airport or a simple ride home.

It’s Safe and Secure

Unlike the larger, four-letter rideshare companies that will hire any old driver and their car, an executive car service is much more picky about their drivers and chauffeurs. Not only will your driver be courteous and mindful of your needs, but they’re also excellent drivers that have a record of years, if not decades, of clean driving. Even if something comes up on your trip, your driver is trained to get you and your belongings to your destination on time and without delay or harm.

Better Customer Service

If something happens to go wrong with a traditional rideshare service, you’ll be left up the creek without a paddle. Worse yet, if your driver decides to cancel the ride before they pick you up, you’ll be sent to the back of the queue, potentially causing you to miss your flight or meeting. If you try calling the 1-800 number or filing a request online, you’ll find yourself in automation purgatory without so much as a human to speak to. But with an executive car service, you’ll be able to work out any issue quickly and with the help of real humans. The excellent customer support places this airport car service a head above the usual suspects.

Private and Discreet

When you request a car to take you to the airport or to transport you to and fro during the day, you wouldn’t expect that information to be shared with just anyone. But that’s exactly what traditional rideshare services do. They’ll share your name, picture and likeness with any driver in your vicinity, potentially raising privacy and security concerns. Instead, an executive car service will only share the details you’re comfortable sharing. While you’re inside the car, you can rest easy knowing that your driver has better things to do than to snoop on your conversation. 

Get Hassle-Free Travel With Executive Car Service

Here at Core Car, we believe that traditional rideshares only work for those who don’t prioritize personal safety or convenience. That’s why we created CORE Car, an executive car service that offers users an easy-to-use online app and professional drivers that are experienced, courteous and take pride in providing another successful trip. 

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