5 Genius Ways to Save Space in Your Suitcase While Traveling for Business

You don’t have to pack light if you know how to pack tight.

Today’s corporate traveler aims to pack smarter than before. Lightweight travel is a trend not going away anytime soon. What if you can’t pack less and still be prepared for the journey awaiting you, though? Are there ways to get more to fit in your suitcase without exceeding airline weight restrictions?

The answer is “Yes,” because there are hacks and tools you can use to make packing a suitcase quicker, easier, and more compact. We’ve come up with a list of five of the best solutions to save you the effort of doing so. That way, all you need to do is pack and prepare for your flight.

Here are five genius ways to save space in your suitcase while traveling for business:

  1. Invest in packing cubes. You’re able to fit an incredible amount of items in them while keeping your belongings separate from one another. It’s a quick fix solution that keeps you organized.
  2. Roll your undergarments and casual wear. A tried-and-true tip that frees up ample space in even the smallest suitcase, a tight roll prevents wrinkles, too. Do this with all your undergarments, t-shirts, and lightweight slacks.
  3. Give everything you bring a dual use. Make everything have two purposes. A brush with a built-in comb or mirror eliminates packing extra items you don’t need.
  4. Get rid of bulky items. Forgo sweaters and instead think of dressing in layers. You can wear a vest or cardigan over the top of a shirt.
  5. Buy full-size toiletries when you reach your destination. Dedicate part of your travel budget to shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. Skip buying these things until you get to wherever it is you’re traveling to.

Make the most of the space you do have in your travel bag. By employing a few space-saving tactics, you’ll be able to pack more without it interfering with your ability to move from one place to the next with ease. You’ll recognize the opportunity to give single-use items dual purposes. That way, the things you do decide to pack are far more valuable to you.