5 High-Tech Gadgets That Every Corporate Traveler Should Own

Travel in style and with less hassle thanks to these innovative products.

With so many people traveling for a living, companies have caught onto the fact that their products can make business travel easier, more comfortable, and even higher-tech. Since so much time is spent on the road or in the air, shouldn’t you have things on hand that enhance your experience, make it feel better, and streamline all the tasks required of you in a more manageable way? You can certainly live large these days thanks to technological advances, innovative products, and forward-thinking companies.

Here are five high-tech gadgets that every corporate traveler should own:

  1. A rideable suitcase. Part wheeled scooter, part suitcase, these marvelous devices make fast work of getting from one terminal to the next with greater ease. Rather than rely on your feet to completely do the work for you, why not make your carry-on carry you?
  2. A phone charging case. Forget charging cables and trying to find a free outlet while waiting at the airport. You’ll save countless hours of time and frustration by investing in a case that charges your phone wirelessly. Once the case needs a good charge, you can take your phone out of it and switch it to its normal carrying case.
  3. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Have a reliable Internet connection wherever you go. If you opt to buy an international hotspot, you pay one price to have Wi-Fi in any of the countries that you visit rather than be subjected to pay whatever the hotel or café charges travelers.
  4. A Smart luggage tracker. Locate your bags with greater ease. The Bluetooth signal emitted from the tracker makes fast work of reuniting you with your luggage.
  5. RFID credit card holder or wallet. Prevent your credit card info from being compromised while you’re carrying the plastic in your wallet by investing in RFID technology. There are special credit card holders, billfolds, and women’s wallets available to choose from.

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