5 Productivity Apps That Make Working While Traveling Easy

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You no longer need to wait to get started on that vital business project.

When it comes to traveling, many of the situations you encounter are anything but
productive. From heavy traffic to flight delays, there are things that get in the way of you
getting things done efficiently. You can help your situation by making the most of every
minute even when things aren’t necessarily going your way timewise.

Here are five productivity apps that make working while traveling easy:

1. Hopper (iOS and Android). If you have advanced notice about an upcoming
business trip, you can use the app to learn “when to fly and when to buy.” Hopper
helps you maximize savings by tracking the route you plan on taking and letting
you know the best deals available. Not only does it save you time by doing the
hard work for you, but it also saves you and your company money. You’re able to
travel when it is most convenient for you so you’re able to get more done in-
between flights.
2. Skype (iOS and Android). Contact people in other countries via video call or
text messaging for free with the app. You’re also able to set up a video
conference whenever needed. Up to ten people can attend the event.
3. LoungeBuddy (iOS and Android). Even if you aren’t part of an airline’s frequent
flyer program, you can still book access to their VIP lounges through this app for
a one-time fee. If you want a dedicated space to work on a project or just want to
capitalize on the amenities offered by the airline, this is a very lucrative option for
4. Microsoft Office Suite (iOS and Android). From Word to PowerPoint, you have
a world of tools at your fingertips that make writing briefs, polishing
presentations, and sending emails to business contacts quick and easy. Once
you’ve downloaded the apps of your choice or paid for the suite, you’ll find
layovers and flight delays slightly less annoying because you’ll get more done
during the downtime you’re experiencing.
5. Evernote (iOS and Android). Keep track of your ideas through the notes that
you create through the app. You can sync all of your devices and be able to work
on multiple projects without losing one word that you’ve written. This free app is
great for creating checklists, too, which increase productivity and reduce the risk
of you forgetting to do something important.

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