5 Qualities of a Good Corporate Car Service

Get to know who you’re hiring before you commit to reserving private transportation.

A good corporate car service offers more than a safe ride. It provides an experience like no other complete with professional drivers and luxury vehicles. When you choose to hire a professional transportation service, you’re not putting your trust and safety into a rideshare company who has had its share of bad press.  Instead, you’re giving your business to a reputable service who makes customer satisfaction a priority.

Here are five qualities of a good corporate car service:

  1. Years of experience. Transportation services come and go. The true test of quality is how long a company has been around. Knowing that without a good reputation, most car services can’t survive because of the amount of competition there is.
  2. Service around the globe. It’s not enough to offer service in one location, having a global reach is beneficial especially for international business travelers. Being able to use the same company no matter where you go is a true asset.
  3. Multilingual service. Many drivers speak other languages besides English. Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Chinese, and Arabic-speaking drivers are available upon request.
  4. A wide selection of vehicles in the fleet to choose from. From luxury SUVs to mini-buses, there is transportation at Core Car to meet your needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or with a group, we have vehicles to accommodate you.
  5. Qualified, trained, and capable drivers. The best corporate car services invest in their employees. That translates to a better customer service experience overall. Travelers feel safe and content with the car company they hired.

Safety should be the utmost priority of the corporate car service you choose to work with. Unlike rideshare companies who have no way of screening everyone who signs up to drive for them, Core Car hires the best and safest drivers in the industry. For over 25 years, our experience has spoken for itself. Create a Corporate Account and start riding with the safest and most reliable service in the industry today.