5 Reasons to Hire Corporate Car Service to Airport

Corporate car services are a reliable, comfortable, convenient, and even affordable way to transport either yourself, your employees, or — most importantly — your guests to and from the airport. Yes, we know you could always take a taxi, or there’s Uber and Lyft, but when you’re a businessperson who wants to get to the airport or a businessperson who wants to make a good impression on someone else, you hire a corporate car service. Here are seven reasons why a corporate car service to the airport is such a good choice.

It Makes a Great Impression

Let’s get right to the heart of the matter. If you are arranging to transport someone to the airport, you’re likely a personal assistant or an executive secretary, and there are people who you want to impress. Either there are important clients in town who have come to negotiate a business deal or come to train your employees. Maybe you are trying to transport your boss or your boss’s boss, and you want to make a good impression on their minds. Whatever the reason, you want them to leave your building and get to the airport with the best possible image of you in their minds. Either way, hiring a corporate car means they’re going to get a good impression. Why? We’ll explain below.


Corporate car service to the airport is different from a taxi or an Uber. A corporate car service is a car service that is used to transport important individuals, who know how to treat their passengers well. The cars will be clean. The upholstery will be immaculate. There won’t be any foul odors. In essence, the corporate car is the luxurious end to a long business trip, a chance for someone to relax and unwind as they get ready for a long flight. Alternatively, it could be the calm before the storm — the passenger could be traveling into a stressful environment, and you are their last bastion of peace before they have to face their fate. Either way, a comfortable, clean car is something that you can’t help but wish for.


You may find a cheaper Uber driver (and that’s a big maybe with their questionable business tactics) but when you hire an Uber to take someone to the airport, you don’t know who you’re getting, the condition of the vehicle, if they even know what exit to take to get on and off the freeway. In short, you’re hiring someone who might not even show up at all, and you’re expecting them to transport your important clients. On the contrary, a corporate car is one that is on time, waiting and ready to take your bags, get you to the airport by the best possible route, and knows exactly which terminal to drop you off at. In short, a corporate car is reliable. 


The drivers of corporate cars have been held to a higher standard and they have been trained in defensive driving. They have undergone background checks. They don’t speed. They don’t break traffic laws. You don’t have to worry that their driving is impaired by illegal substances. You are safer with a corporate car driver because they have been thoroughly vetted and found to be the best. On top of this, the cars are well-maintained. The drivers themselves aren’t responsible for the oil change or the tire pressure — there’s a shop that takes care of the fleet of cars. You’re in safe hands in a corporate car.


It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best things about corporate cars is that they operate differently from taxis and Uber. Because of the competition in the corporate car industry, corporate car companies offer discounts, especially to corporate customers who use them again and again. If you’re at the type of company that is bringing in clients often or sending executives off to the airport on a regular basis, you could easily qualify for discounts through your corporate car carrier.