5 Safety Tips for the First-Time Business Traveler

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Avoid stolen passports, violent threats, and health scares by following our advice.

If it is your first time traveling for business, you have a lot to learn. Experience is the best teacher, but for now, listening to the advice of others can help you avoid potentially unpleasant situations from occurring on your trip. You will walk away from the experience more confident than you were before. Averting danger is the ultimate goal of any inexperienced traveler.

Here are five safety tips for the first-time business traveler for you to apply to your travel situation.

#1: Make copies of all your vital documents and keep a written list of phone numbers to call in the event your phone is lost or stolen.

If your passport, plane tickets, or phone were to go missing, you could be in a world of hurt. Keeping a hard copy of each item in a safe place allows you to prove your identity and purchase information as well as contact someone who can assist you.

#2: Research the area you are traveling to and become aware of its crime rate.

You will know which areas to avoid and which to spend time in while traveling. Knowing this information can help you determine how to protect yourself when you do go somewhere.

#3: Be aware of and follow the CDC’s travel advisories.

Learning of potential travel bans or health scares is imperative. You do not want to be stuck in another country with no way out if something such as COVID-19 occurs.

#4: Try not to travel alone or at night.

If you must, hire a private driver. Make sure the doors are locked on the vehicle once you are safely inside of it.

#5: Be mindful of your surroundings and always have an exit plan in mind.

If something dangerous were to happen within a moment’s notice, what would you do? It is worth the trouble to come up with an exit strategy that allows you to remain safe.

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