5 Things You Should Never Forget to Do as a Corporate Traveler

You’ll be wishing that you used a packing list after all.


It never fails. If you travel for a living for long enough, you’re going to realize what things you should and shouldn’t pack. Experience is the best teacher. The first time you travel for business, you likely packed too much and paid the cost of lugging around luggage that you had no use for.

Other trips may have caused you to reconsider your newly minimalist mentality. When the airline loses your suitcase, you’re forced to reconsider your attire for the week and pick up a toothbrush and razor from the front desk of the hotel.  It’s not exactly ideal but it’s doable.

Things That are Difficult to Acquire and Do Without While Traveling

What if there was a better way to pack altogether with you being mindful of the things that are difficult to acquire in another area of the globe. Would you put more thought into packing right and perhaps not-so-light? A packing list contains the things you absolutely can’t do without easily while traveling for business. In addition, you should take a few precautionary steps pre-flight to make travel from Point A to Point B smoother.

Five things you should never forget to do as a corporate traveler include:

  1. Create a physical packing list for yourself. You’ll know what you came with and what you’re leaving with so you don’t forget something in the hotel or corporate car you reserved.
  2. Make copies of all important documents to keep in your carry-on bag. If you were to lose your wallet or passport, you’ll have an easier time proving your identity thanks to your ability to think ahead.
  3. Double-check all reservations to make sure they remain active. Avoid frustration and embarrassment by ensuring that your plans don’t get canceled. 
  4. Have an extra battery and charging device for your phone. It’s a well-known fact that airports around the globe have few ways for you to charge your phone, so investing in a portable charger is essential.
  5. Plan for delays, layovers, and even being bumped from a flight. Make good use of your downtime by planning for it ahead of time.

Expecting the best by preparing for the worst allows you to navigate unfamiliar territory more successfully. You won’t lose valuable time or sleep as a result of a setback. Instead, you’ll always have a Plan B to fall back on.

Packing What is Absolutely Necessary for Your Business Trip

Preparing for your next business trip is easier once you’ve realized what things you absolutely need while you travel. You can leave behind those items that never get unpacked and make more room in your bag for the essentials. Doing so allows you to have a better experience overall because you’re not left searching for the things you forgot but needed in the first place.

How to Travel Like a Professional

Corporate travelers have a slightly different set of considerations than their leisurely counterparts. For starters, their timeline is often significantly condensed, which can mean more stress and less room for error around pickup and dropoff. And then there’s the added issue of representing your company wherever you happen to be. However, corporate travelers often travel in the same ways that everyone else does, and that means dealing with the same kinds of challenges.

But if you’ve ever seen that corporate traveler ahead of you in line, deftly dealing with all the paperwork and roadblocks inherent in any trip, you’ve seen the preparation and approach of a skilled corporate traveler firsthand. The good news is that with some corporate traveler tips, you, too, can conquer traveling so that you can keep your mind clear and ready for the day ahead.

What Is a Corporate Traveler?

Anyone that has to travel for work is considered a corporate traveler. 

But just because you’re traveling for work doesn’t mean that you’re a pro at it. After all, many corporate travelers get it all wrong and neglect the crucial planning that makes corporate travel work. If you show up at the last minute without everything you need, you could be jeopardizing your trip even before it starts. However, with a bit of planning, you can graduate from passenger to corporate traveler without making all those mistakes upfront. 

Here are some more corporate traveler tips to make your next trip a success:

  1. Arrive early. While your trip may be days or even weeks away, corporate travelers know that even the smallest delay or cancellation can have cascading effects on their entire trip. Start by getting to the airport early via an executive car service like Core Car so that you can start your trip off on the right foot.
  2. Download apps. For every tool and service you’ll need out on the road, download the app to your smartphone before you leave so that you’re not left trying to figure out what went wrong while you scramble to make things right. Many apps can resolve issues quickly, or connect you to a helpful associate.
  3. Pack only what you need. It can be tempting to pack everything you think you might want during an upcoming trip, but that’s a surefire way to end up with additional luggage that needs to be checked – which can further exacerbate issues if it gets lost or misses a connection. Corporate travelers know that packing light is the way to go since you’ll get to skip most lines in the airport.
  4. Prep for security. If there’s one thing that you can expect on an upcoming business trip, it’s that security lines will be long. Help reduce the time you spend in security lines by bagging and separating items that must be reviewed separately. Better yet, get Global Entry and reduce wait times even more.

For more corporate traveling tips, contact the experts at Core Car. Our corporate travel planners are here to help make your next trip a snap. Book a car now!