5 Ways to Better Prepare for a Meeting You Need to Travel to Get to

Prepare for a Meeting

Arrive focused on the goals you hope to achieve on the trip.


Being well prepared for an upcoming meeting is an asset. It frees up your time, so you’re able to focus it elsewhere while traveling. You don’t need to practice a presentation mid-flight or try to pick up printed materials in a city you’re unfamiliar with. It even ensures that you have safe, reliable transportation wherever you need to go.

Here are five ways to better prepare for a meeting you need to travel to get to:

  1. Confirm the time, date, and location. That way, you’re not surprised if any of the details have changed. You arrive on time and in the right city.
  2. Make sure that you book your preferred source of transportation in advance. Use the Core Car app to choose the luxury vehicle of your choice. If you’re traveling with a group, select the mode of transportation that accommodates multiple people.
  3. Run through your audio and visual materials to make sure everything looks and sounds the way it’s supposed to. It’s better to test it in advance so you can make corrections while you have time. If you don’t do a run through until you get to the meeting, you take a chance of something going wrong that you can’t correct.
  4. Organize all handouts, so you’re not forced to do so onsite. You’ll be able to hand them out quickly and not worry about people shuffling through them to put them in the right order. It’s less of a distraction for you.
  5. Know what your objective is, so you stay on track during the meeting. Achieve everything you set out to do. Give yourself goals and mentally check them off as you complete them when practicing your speech or presentation.

When you take the time to prepare for a meeting away from home, you buy yourself the luxury of being able to relax a little once you arrive at your destination. You’re not hurrying to put together a presentation or come up with an alternative plan when things change unexpectedly.