Book Corporation Transportation Services Through a Smartphone App

Book Corporation Transportation Services Through a Smartp2hone App

Core Car makes it fast and convenient for you.

Like most transportation companies, we see the value of technology. Smartphone apps that allow you to book while on the go are very convenient. They reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone calling companies or trying to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection to connect your laptop to immediately. You’re not forced to wait until you arrive at your destination to find a ride to the hotel because you’ve already reserved a luxury corporate vehicle from Core Car. It’s far safer than hopping into a rideshare driven by an inexperienced driver.

How the App Works

Once downloaded from the Apple App store or the Google Play store for Android, you can access the app and create a profile. You’ll need it to book a new reservation using the new or saved information. Once that step is complete, save your home address. You’ll then want to give the app permission to learn your precise location at the moment you’re booking a corporate car.

The next step brings you to the menu where you have many options to choose from to help you with your trip. From that screen, you can view past trips, active reservations, or change settings. You can then confirm the airline and flight number for greater accuracy. If you want to get an instant snapshot of your driver’s location, contact information, and ETA, you can. Or, you can contact us quickly and directly without dialing our phone number by clicking ‘Yes’ on the prompt that asks if you want to call Core Car.

The Fastest Way to Book Corporate Car Service While On-the-Go

You don’t need to put a lot of extra effort into securing the corporate transportation services that you seek because of Core Car’s easy-to-use booking app. As long as you have a profile set up with our company, you’re good to go. Your driver will arrive to pick you up at your chosen departure location at the time and date you specified. If you’re traveling in a group, a vehicle large enough to accommodate all members of your party will be available to take you to your hotel or another choice of destination.