Helpful Hacks That Make Last-Minute Business Travel Easier

Helpful Hacks That Make Last Minute Business Travel Easier

Learning to expect the unexpected makes red-eye flights go much smoother.

Corporate travel can be temperamental. There are times where you receive little notice and even less time to prepare for a trip. Thanks to travelers who have been there and done that, shortcuts exist to make your life easier when traveling last minute. You won’t feel as stressed as you would ordinarily when you implement the tips listed here during the few spare minutes you have between flights while traveling, and before attending or presenting at a big meeting or conference.

Some helpful hacks that make last-minute business travel easier include:

  • Wear clothing that you could show up to a meeting immediately. If you don’t have time to stop at the hotel first, you’ll be ready to go straight to the conference or restaurant to meet with your colleagues or clients.
  • Invest in priority boarding. You can get settled into your seat and busy doing whatever it is that you need to do before the plane lifts off.
  • Come prepared with fully charged electronics. You won’t need to look for a place to charge your mobile phone or plug in your laptop so you can work between flights.
  • Use the time you spend flying to clean and organize your work bag. You’re going to be sitting for a while, so why not give yourself a fresh start?
  • Order the vegetarian meal option and get served first. You’ll be able to eat in peace and have some time to spare to delete emails or organize your notes for your big presentation.

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