How to Create Time for Sightseeing with a Packed Travel Schedule

Between meetings and conferences, how do you find time to see the city you’re visiting?

Have you ever been so busy on a business trip that you realized you never got to see the city you were staying in at all? Between all the appointments, obligations, and arrangements you had to make, there was absolutely no time to yourself. What if there were ways to sightsee despite having a packed travel schedule? Would you be willing to rearrange your itinerary somewhat so you could actually enjoy the atmosphere?

Here are some ways to create time for sightseeing with a packed travel schedule:

  • Have reliable transportation reserved ahead of time. That way, all you have to do is wait for your ride in the location you requested a pick-up. You won’t be trying to arrange transportation or be stuck with a driver who leisurely arrives whenever they want to come. You’ll be able to squeeze in a few extra minutes or hours of time away from work obligations because you’ve got a driver who has your needs in mind, not just theirs.
  • See if dinner or drinks with a client or colleague are possible instead of just meetings. You’ll be able to see some of the things that make the city exciting and travel-worthy while benefitting from the added company. You can write off your meal and the meal of your guest because you opted to have dinner together instead of just meeting in an office or hotel lobby.
  • Do self-guided tours instead of waiting for travel guides. Research the location you’re traveling to and a few points of interest you can go to by foot. Then give yourself a quick tour at whatever hour of the day you’re free to sightsee. If you get up early, you can easily take in a few sights and have a few photo opportunities before being whisked away by business matters.

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