How to Make Economy Feel Like First Class

Get an instant upgrade without needing to pay for it.

Even if you’re accustomed to flying First Class as a corporate traveler, there will be times where you’re stuck flying Economy. That doesn’t mean that you can’t experience all of the things that an upgraded seat gives you. It just requires more creativity to give you what you want.

There are many ways to make your flight more comfortable so it brings you more value. In fact, you can experiment with the suggestions here to find which are right for you. Once you’ve discovered the list of things you can’t live without on an airplane, you’ll be able to plan accordingly so that you have greater control of your flight experience.

Here are some of the ways to make Economy feel like First Class:

  • Invest in some good noise-cancelling headphones. That way, you don’t need to hear everyone’s conversation. You can avoid the crying babies and get lost in the next episode of your favorite podcast or TV show.
  • Put your luggage away so you have plenty of space free. Only the essentials should be with you. If you’ve opted to carry-on to avoid paying baggage fees, make sure that your luggage fits the overhead compartment. You’ll have more space that way and feel less cramped if someone else flying with you has luggage underneath the seat.
  • Carry vitamin or mineral water with you on the flight. Stop by a store on the way to the terminal to purchase some upgraded water. That way, you’ll stay hydrated and do your part to prevent jet lag as much as possible. Vitamin or mineral water is often served in First Class because of its noted health benefits.
  • Pay for a comfortable neck pillow and eye mask. It’s well worth the expense because it adds VIP comfort on a long flight in Economy. You’ll be able to rest as much as you need to without worrying about being disrupted by a flash of the overhead light as someone attempts to rummage through their bag on a darkened plane.

Make Economy feel like First Class. You can do this without it costing a lot or taking up much of your time. A few comforts from home is all it takes to transform the bumpiest plane ride into a VIP experience.