Is It More Efficient to Use Corporate Shuttles or Group Transportation Services on a Business Trip?

Knowing the difference between the two helps save you time.

So, you’re traveling in a group and want to make the experience as smooth as possible by riding together in a corporate shuttle or group transportation service. How do you know which is best for your unique situation? Does one option offer greater service over another? How about efficiency? Is one option faster than the other?

Some group transportation services cater to small groups and have no way of assisting large groups whatsoever. Others don’t go to great lengths to get to know their drivers. Rather than take a chance and finding out the hard way, why not go with a name you can trust to handle your corporation’s needs for transportation?

Corporate Transportation Services That You Can Trust

Core Car can handle your request for corporate transportations services with great ease. Our company caters to its customers by providing safe and reliable transportation for individuals and groups. You needn’t worry about getting into a vehicle with a stranger who you know nothing about their background.

All of our drivers are selected and screened by us. That way, you can rest assured that you and your party won’t encounter any problems while traveling to and from your intended destination. Whenever you need corporate services for yourself or a group of people, you have nothing to worry about because Core Car takes care of the driving for you.

Travel in Style with as Many as Fifty-Three Other People

Whenever you need corporate shuttle service, contact Core Car. We’re the best choice you have for safety, reliability, and ease. When traveling in a party of two or more people, make the best choice by hiring a corporate shuttle to get you where you need to go. It doesn’t matter if you need a luxury sedan or 54-passenger bus because we’ve got you covered.