JFK Airport Car Service – Six reasons you should book a ride via CoreCar

JFK Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. About 61 million people pass through it every year, which puts it in the top 6 busiest airports in the United States. More than 90 airlines fly to this airport, which counts 128 gates.

If you’re a businessperson trying to boost your productivity, you probably don’t have time to browse the internet for the ideal mode of transportation to JFK. Or, you could arrange transportation to or from the airport for an important client or even your boss. You know it’s important to make a good impression.

So, when it comes to arriving to or departing from JFK, there are several options. You can opt for the subway, train, taxi, or car service.

All of these options have their advantages, but public transportation doesn’t leave a great impression. So, in this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of car services when it comes to quick and easy transportation.


Let’s dive right in.


1. Passenger safety

When it comes to safety, it’s well-known that car service companies are much pickier about their drivers than taxis or rideshares. When using a taxi, there’s always a chance that your driver will be unprofessional and the car could be dirty.

With car services, it’s never the case. Professional car service guarantees you top-notch service with professional drivers. They will be there to open the car door for you and to drive you safely and comfortably from point A to point B. No matter what, you will be in safe hands.


2. Punctuality is the top priority

Car service drivers always arrive on time — being there for you on the day, and at the time you specified is the main priority. No matter if you’re going to the airport or home, you can rest assured you will arrive on time.

Also, car services monitor all flights (inbound and outbound), so you don’t have to worry they will be late to pick you up. If there is a flight delay, your car service will know about it, and your driver will pick you up when you arrive.


3. Ride in style

Riding in style matters, and car service companies know it. Whether you are booking a car to go sightseeing or you have an important meeting, there’s is a big variety of cars to choose from. Car service companies can drive you in a sedan or an SUV. Or if you’re looking to transport a bigger group of people, you can book a Ford Van, a Mercedes Sprinter van, a minibus, or a motorcoach bus. The choice is yours.


4. Book a ride fast and with ease

Car service providers want to help you make a reservation with no hassle. That’s why there is a variety of ways to become a client — you can book a ride via a website, you can use an app, or you can even place a call!

Apps are useful if you’re on the go and need a car service fast. They offer you the possibility to book, cancel and even monitor your ride on a map!


5. Riding with Core Car

Core Car offers all the mentioned benefits of car services and more. It is a worldwide company whose drivers speak multiple languages and its services are available in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, MENA, and Australia.

No matter your next location, Core Car will drive you to it or from it — be it an airport or a place in the city. 


6. Travel times to and from JFK Airport with car services


Location Travel Time
Bronx, NY Around 45 min to 1 hour
Greenwich, CT Around 1 hour
Long Island 15 min to 3 hours
Midtown Manhattan Around 1 hour
Nassau County 15 minutes to 1 hour
Newark, NJ Around 1.5 hours
Staten Island, NY Around 1.5 hours
Suffolk County Around 1 to 3 hours
Upstate New York 4 hours or longer
Westchester County Around 1.5 hours