New Timesaving Apps to Make Your Life as a Business Traveler Easier

There is no such thing as being too efficient.

You likely change the apps on your phone often if you travel for business. It’s much more convenient than pulling out your tablet or laptop to access information. What if the apps that you chose to put on your mobile were ones that made your life better by taking time-consuming tasks and making them less daunting? Would you be willing to give them a try?

The Case for Better and More Efficient Mobile Apps 

Productivity apps exist to save you time and allow you to get more done with less effort. You’ve already got enough to think about with each business trip that you take. Having extra assistance in this area is extremely beneficial because it allows you to focus on bigger things.

Some new timesaving apps to make your life easier as a business traveler include:

  • Spike (iOS, Android). If you hate the look of traditional email clients, you’ll love Spike. It allows you to turn every email into what looks like a chat message complete with read receipts. It’s more personal than your standard text-heavy email and a huge motivator for answering dozens of emails in your inbox at once.
  • Woven (iOS, Android). Make scheduling easier for everyone involved. This app sends a link to recipients with available timeslots to choose from. It eliminates the back and forth emailing that goes on when trying to narrow down a timeframe for phone calls and in-person meetings.
  • EasilyDo (iPhone). An alternative to IFTTT, the personal assistant app can do things such as post a birthday message to a family member or friend’s Facebook wall or message a person on your contact list to let them know you’re running late. It takes the most time-consuming tasks and does them in seconds which is a true asset for you.

You’ve got options to try today. Each app listed here has its own list of benefits. Pricewise, each delivers value by streamlining mundane tasks and freeing up time for you to focus on the bigger picture tasks required of you. You get more done in less time.

Using Your Phone to Increase the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Day

Make your life easier with the right apps. Designed to save you time, you can streamline many of your daily obligations to make things go more smoothly for yourself. You’ll spend less time retracing your steps and more time slaying your to-do list. When it comes time to be picked up in the corporate car you reserved, you’ll be cool, collected, and comfortable.