The Things That Stop You from Having a Smooth Business Travel Experience

Taking control of the situation by planning ahead delivers favorable results.


A smooth travel experience takes advance planning. It requires a problem solving skillset. When you’re able to anticipate potential issues while away from home, you’re able to get past them quickly. You have a solution in mind that meets your needs without making things more difficult for you.

Here are some of the things that stop you from having a smooth business travel experience:

  1. Not confirming reservations. A simple phone call can prevent confusion and embarrassment. When you call ahead, you’re making it known that you still want the service that you originally requested. It also allows you to make changes to the original reservation without issue, too, by adding room at the table for an extra guest.
  2. Failing to secure dedicated transportation services. Doing so means that you aren’t stuck waiting for an unknown driver to pick you up and safely get you wherever you need to go. When you work with a corporate car service like ours, you get to relax in a luxury vehicle with a safe and skilled driver.
  3. Forgetting to use the concierge. They are available to assist you with special requests. Make good use of them to get what you need. You’ll be really glad that you did because it won’t cost you extra to use their services.
  4. Overpacking. Retrieving luggage at every airport you fly into is a hassle. Pack lighter for smoother travel. That way, you’re getting through the terminal quickly without issue.

Enjoy smoother travel going forward with the assistance of Core Car. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or in a group. We have corporate cars of many sizes and styles to meet your needs. Why take an Uber or Lyft to your destination when you’re guaranteed a luxury experience with us? We’re safer, more convenient, and better capable of handling your unique travel needs than any rideshare out there.