The Top Corporate Travel Trends for 2023

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Brace yourself for a brand new decade of business traveling.

With each new year comes predictions about the travel industry. 2020 is no different. Many things are shaping corporate travel into the new decade. By following what’s trending, you’re able to enhance your experiences, save on additional costs, and even have more fun doing it. To better understand what’s shaping the future of travel going forward, it’s important to know why trends matter.

What to Expect from Travel in 2023

Some of the top corporate travel trends include:

  • User-Friendly Travel Tools That is Scalable. As a business grows, it needs solutions that accommodate its growth. Travel software that accounts for changes in a company’s size and profitability is one of the hottest trends taking place in the new year.
  • Better Ways to Account for Business Expenses. Staying on top of employees’ travel expenses by having an accurate picture of how much a trip costs and what an employee is billing for is imperative for keeping travel costs manageable. One trend for the new year is more straightforward end-to-end expense reporting. It allows you to accurately predict what future trips will cost the company.
  • The Consumerization of Corporate Travel. Travel booking should be effortless. Allowing employees to book and manage travel by phone is imperative. Otherwise, they spend a great deal of time on the computer trying to hammer down all the details of a trip.  With mobile phone usage continuously on the rise, it’s essential to offer a solution that makes a person’s life easier, not harder, while traveling for a living.

These ideas are just a few of the trends you’ll see prevalent in 2020. Staying on top of travel trends allows you to remain competitive, cut costs, and ensure employee satisfaction as they travel for you. It’s one of the many ways to make traveling easier for you and the rest of your team, too.

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