Timesaving Tasks for Busy Corporate Travelers

Free up more time in your schedule by streamlining tasks and using technologies that maximize efficiency.

Time is money. With that being said, you’ve got enough to do each day. Do you really want to lose more time and money doing things that don’t benefit you entirely? Couldn’t you find a better way to deal with menial tasks by streamlining or outsourcing them?

As a corporate traveler, you have a lot on your plate. Besides jet setting across the globe to attend conferences, conduct business meetings with clients, and win over new customers, you’ve got to have all of your affairs in order. There are hotels to book, transportation services to reserve, and meals to plan. Keeping all of the details in order can be harrowing especially if there’s also plane tickets to purchase, airport security to appease, and luggage to haul.

Prioritize Your Most Import Tasks and Streamline or Outsource the Rest

Freeing up time takes skill. You’re going to need to be very organized to do so. Once you’ve found the best timesaving tricks and tips, however, you’ll have no problem mastering your schedule with greater ease. You’ll sit back and let automation and delegation kick in.

Here are some tasks that will save you immense amounts of time:

  • Hire a virtual assistant. You don’t even need to use their services full-time. You can utilize their assistance by focusing on a singular task or book them for the week if necessary. The point is to have someone help you with things such as reserving corporate car services and contacting the restaurant you’re dining at to ensure it has a table waiting for you.
  • Find apps that allow you to do multiple things at once. That way, if you’re on the go, you’ll have no problem taking care of the details of your trip without pulling out your laptop. Mobile apps turn your phone into a miniature computer that you can use to conduct business on and iron out the specifics about your flight, itinerary, and after-hours plans.

Put all the time you freed up to good use. You’ll be able to do more of the things you want to do and less of the things you don’t when you become a better time manager. Core Car lets you schedule corporate transportation in advance, saving you time and effort later on in your trip. You’ll have a safe, reliable ride wherever you need to go which is a real asset.