Travel Secrets That Help Corporate Travelers Save Big

Master the art of budget travel as a businessperson.

If you’re constantly waiting to be reimbursed for travel expenses by the company you work for, you know what a nuisance it can be. Rather than spend a good portion of your days filling out expense reports and calculating bills to the exact penny, why not find ways to save money outright? You’ll still enjoy the same perks that you would ordinarily but you won’t be paying as much as you would without the discounts or free promotions.

Here are some travel secrets that help corporate travelers save big:

  • Cash in your Frequent Flier Miles. Apply for credit cards that award points that can be used for discounted airline tickets. Then, charge everything you can and pay off the balance each month with cash. That way, you’re not stuck paying interest and you still accumulate as many Frequent Flier Miles as you can.
  • Take advantage of free Wi-Fi. Paying for internet access adds up quickly. Choose accommodations that provide it for free as an amenity. Consider using your phone as a mobile hotspot if you have unlimited internet access. You’ll save a fortune by doing this.
  • Dine out for lunch. Dinner tends to be the more expensive meal in most countries you travel to. Most restaurants offer deep discounts during lunch. Make it your main meal of the day and eat light at night. Your body will have an easier time digesting the food that you’ve eaten, and you’ll give your wallet a break, too.
  • Invest in clothing that mixes and matches well. That way, you can create a variety of looks with very little effort. You won’t spend a great deal of money on luggage fees, either, because you’ve brought along more clothing and shoes than you need. Look for items that wash and wear well because they’ll be the easiest to travel with.
  • Pay close attention to exchange rates. If you’re abroad and need to withdraw money from the ATM, it could cost you quite a bit. That’s why it’s important to order the money that you need when the exchange rates are at their highest. You’ll get more bang from your buck and won’t be in a bind if there isn’t a bank located close to the place you’re traveling to.

Master corporate travel like a boss. Make use of discounts and employ hacks for upgrades and freebies whenever you can. You’ll experience a better level of comfort for less. That means shorter expense reports to fill out and submit each month. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey with less stress.