Ways to Safely Check On Your Partners, Employees, Customers, and Vendors

Businessman on the phone

Make sure your people are doing well.

When you cannot travel due to bans and quarantines, how do you check in on the people integral to your company’s success? Although it can be challenging, in a world filled with technology, it is much easier than you likely imagined it would be. To help you maneuver the world in the next couple of weeks, we have included some tips on ways to remain communicative when you cannot travel for business.

What You Can Do Instead of Meeting In-Person

Some ways to safely check on your partners, employees, customers, and vendors are listed here as a reminder of just how connected we are thanks to the internet.

Send an email. 

Asking people to reply with how they are doing allows you to meet their needs better. You’ll be able to discreetly answer questions without putting anyone on the spot.

Hold a conference call. 

Invite everyone to meet at a specific time on a particular day to check in. Let each person have a chance to address any concerns or questions they have at the moment.

Meet over video. 

Being able to see everyone’s faces after a hiatus of in-person meetings can be very refreshing. It gives you peace of mind knowing that people are well and committed to the continued success of your business.  

Contact Core Car When You are Ready to Travel Again

If you cannot meet in person due to travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, there are things you can do to meet with your company’s people digitally. From making phone calls to hosting video conferences, you can still run your business and keep others safe in the process. When the threat of illness subsides, you can hold your scheduled meetings and workshops as you did in the past. Core Car will be there for you to provide you with private and reliable transportation services that meet your personal needs.