What is Bleisure Travel, and How Does It Work?

Bleisure Travel

Today’s business traveler is encouraged to mix business with pleasure.


Bleisure. It sounds confusing, right? It’s not, though. The concept is rather easy, and it’s changing the face of corporate travel for the better. According to research conducted by CWT, a travel management company, bleisure changes employees for the better by making them feel less stressed about frequent corporate travel. It can impact their work and home lives positively if executed regularly.

Bleisure Travel 101

So, what exactly is bleisure travel? How does it work? Bleisure refers to the mixing of business with pleasure. It’s affording yourself a few extra days of leisure with the different corporate trips you take.

The advantages of this type of travel are that it gives you something to look forward to after attending a workshop, conference, tradeshow or meeting. Rather than try to squeeze in a few hours of ‘me time,’ you’ve got a few days dedicated to exploring the sights and doing the things you’d typically enjoy on vacation.

Things You Can Do During Your Time Off from Work Obligations

The sky is virtually the limit when it comes to what you can do in between your business affairs. You can visit famous landmarks, attend a sporting event, see a show at a theatre, go to a concert, dine on incredible cuisine, mingle with the locals at a pub or bar, and spend time in nature. Sitting on the beach and people-watching may be the perfect answer for your time off from work. Maybe getting a massage or other spa treatment before boarding your next flight appeals to you.

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