What to Do If You Miss Your Connection at the Airport

Business travelers need a back-up plan to ensure that their schedule isn’t disrupted by the interruption.


Traveling can be challenging. It’s important to keep that in mind when you’re planning a trip. Overcoming obstacles in a calm and collected way is ideal because it prepares you for future mishaps.

There will be times when your flight runs late causing you to miss your next plane. Rather than let it ruin your day, it’s important to be able to correct your steps and get your schedule back in place. That way, it doesn’t negatively affect the duration of your trip.

Here is what you need to do if you miss your connection at the airport:

  • Determine when your next flight will arrive. You’ll have an accurate ETA to provide to others who are awaiting your arrival. Lock down the time the plane will get there and provide updates to anyone who needs them to do their own job.
  • Contact the hotel and transportation services you’ve lined up to let them know about the delay. You won’t lose your reservation that way. The best case scenario is that you’ll need to do very little to make sure that everything that you planned works out.
  • Email or call everyone who will be affected by your change in schedule. Aside from the hotel and corporate car service that you hired, who else is waiting on your arrival? Contact them to let them know that you’ll be arriving later than you first anticipated. Ask if there is any way to rearrange your schedule to make sure that you’re able to do everything that you needed to do on your trip.

Don’t panic. You can easily reschedule your plans with a little advance knowledge of how to do so. Being aware that mishaps such as missed connections occur allows you to plan accordingly for them. You have a back-up plan in place that allows you to contact your transportation services, hotel, work colleagues, and clients to let them know to expect you later on.