Business Travel Generates $111.7 Billion in Revenue Yearly

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Companies spend a good amount of money on their employees’ travel expenses.

More than $111.7 billion is spent by companies on business travel each year with work trips costing an average of $1,286. A study conducted by Runzheimer confirmed the data in its report, Business Travel Expense Trends: Conference Travel Costs, which was issued earlier this year. Of the most expensive cities to travel to on business in the United States was New York City. Its average total cost is $1,633 per trip. 

San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle are also among the most expensive locations in the States to travel to annually. Orlando, although a popular city for meetings and conferences, is among the cheapest places to travel to for business purposes. The average total cost is $963 per trip, which is nearly $700 less than NYC.

Plan Your Business Trip Location Carefully for the Most Value

Considering that all travel experiences are not equal in price, it is safe to say that some locations give you far more value than others. If your company is looking to get the most bang for its buck, investing in the best quality travel-related products and services is ideal. It ensures that you and your team have a safe and comfortable experience wherever you go. 

World Class Multilingual Drivers in the Cities You Travel Most to Yearly

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